Potassium Sulphate

Items Unit Index
K2O % ≧50
Cl % ≦1.5
Moisture % ≦1.5
S % ≧17
Free acid % ≦1.5

Name: Potassium Sulphate

Other Names:SOP

CAS No: 7778-80-5

EINECS No.:231-915-5

H.S CODE: 3104300000 


High Potassium

With an equivalent potassium content of 52 percent potassium oxide (K2O), our product provides the vital K plants need to resist drought, disease and promote healthy growth, yield, and harvest quality

High Sulfate

Often referred to as the fourth macronutrient, sulfur helps support plant functions that can affect yield, quality and marketability. Recent sulfur deficiencies point to the need to replenish the nutrient to help encourage more profitable results.

Low Chloride

Many crop, turf and ornamental plants are particularly sensitive to chloride. Continued application of potassium sources with a high chloride content or salt index can have a toxic effect, building up in the soil and contributing to lower yields, lower quality, poorer appearance and lost income.